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Erythema (redness) of my right foot due to vascular changes from CRPS (sympathetic dysregulation causes dilated and leaky blood vessels)
The DRG leads in my left and right L5 dorsal root ganglion, accessed through the epidural space


Vascular changes are often a sign of irreversible CRPS
Edema (swelling) due to dilated and leaky blood vessels as well as a side effect of the pain medications I was taking
Swelling is almost completely gone after DRG surgery! Some of this may be due to discontinuing pain meds, but I suspect a certain amount is due to improved regulation of the blood vessels by the nervous system because other symptoms, such as the redness and surface vascular changes, have also improved or disappeared!
DRG trial
DRG stimulator trial
I have only about a 3-inch scar on my hip from my implant and two 1/2-inch (or smaller) scars around my lumbar spine from the cannula (look like laproscopy scars).